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Learn How to Parent With Intention and Direction.

Kavana Parent Coaching can help you when you don't know where to start, feel like 'it's never going to end,' or simply don't know which direction to take.

"Working with Nikki was life-changing for our family."

M. T.

I don’t theorize about working with families. I’ve worked with them. Hundreds. 

As a pediatric occupational therapist for over 20 years, I’ve guided parents with proven strategies, problem-solving techniques, and direct support that has led to transformative change in their parenting and in their relationship with their child. 
With prescriptive, one-on-one coaching we will take your parenting challenges and design a simple, yet powerful plan that can lead to lasting change. 

Ask yourself these questions…

Do you feel out of control in your own home?
Do you find it impossible to establish limits without screaming, threats, or bribery?
Do you just not know where to start to help your child reach a developmental milestone?
Do you repeat the same strategies, but see no change in your child?
Are you overwhelmed and exhausted with your daily routine?
Are you struggling with how to manage your child’s behaviors?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then parent coaching is right for you.

Using a Parent Coach Does Not Mean You’re a Bad Parent.

In fact, just the opposite is true. 
You're doing the best you can with the tools that have worked in the past or you were told worked for others.
But perhaps it’s time for a new set of tools. 
Parent coaching allows you the time and guidance to evaluate what's working and what's not. By developing a plan together we will build on the foundation of your strengths into a strong family unit.

What Parents Say

Discover why so many people have chosen Nikki as their parent coach. 

I would highly recommend using Nikki’s services. For many years she was involved with our family and not one of her recommendations for my daughter was a waste of time. Her ability to identify, address personally, and/or refer out to other amazing professionals was invaluable. My daughter has benefitted from her expertise in ways that I could not have imagined. 
What a blessing to have found her! 

Kim B.

Nikki has amazing advice for parents on how to deal with their children's various needs and behavioral differences. She taught us valuable lessons in patience and listening skills. She showed our family how to interact with our children based on what issues they were working through. 
She has made such a difference in our family!


We have no words to describe the impact that Niki has had on our lives. The fresh perspectives that Nikki gave us through her coaching were literally life-altering.
I can’t imagine where my family would be at this point without her coaching. Through Niki’s coaching, I’ve been able to explore avenues that I’d never would have known existed. Niki is blessed not only with tremendous compassion and incredible intuition, but the skills of bringing out the best in everyone! 
Anyone lucky enough to be guided by Nikki is truly blessed.

T. R.

Working with Nikki has been a truly transformative experience. We came to her feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about how to navigate the different challenges of parenting our children, but she provided us with clear and effective strategies that have made a huge difference in our lives.
Through our work together, we have learned how to set boundaries, communicate more effectively with our children, and create a more harmonious home environment.
 I highly recommend Niki to anyone who is looking for direction and support in their parenting journey.

A. F.

I was struggling with how to support the emotional needs of my two children. With her care, calmness, and knowledge Nikki provided me with the parenting tools and strategies to give my children the life skills of confidence and resilience.

The positive changes in all areas of my children's development are credited to NiKki's incredible foundational support!

A. S.

Working with Nikki was life-changing for our family. 
For years we unsuccessfully attempted to pinpoint the barriers that were impacting our son's ability to function and navigate his environment. Nikki’s thoughtful, patient, and expert insights into accommodations, recommendations, and treatment for our son literally turned our world around. We are forever grateful for the gift that she has given us. 

M. B.

When you’re at a complete loss for what to do , it's hard not to blame yourself. But here's the truth:

Despite what you have been told, it's not too late to change your

parenting style.
communication style.
child's behavior.


We teach you parenting strategiesthat are aligned withyour unique personality.



One-one-One Coaching

The best format best for couples and/or co-parents to address their concerns and learn to parent more effectively.

    Address your most pressing parenting needs and concerns.
    Create positive change to become the kind of parent you desire.
    Walk away with proven, actionable steps.


Group Coaching

A great format for a group of friends, school, or organizations. Group coaching can be a great option for folks with like aged children

    An affordable option for adults with like-aged children. 
    Learn from others in the group and ‘build your village.’
    Creates a safe place of non-judgment.

Breakthrough moments happen when you have a parent coach directing you to make small changes that can be life-changing.


People think being a good parent means simply paying attention. That’s just the baseline.

Intention AFTER attention is where parenting starts.
Your constant focus must be that you’re raising adults. Not children.
It’s not just “getting through this stage.” 
It’s getting through all life stages while developing a deep connection and relationship that will make your children want you to be a part of their life. Now and always.

With Kavana Parenting, you will walk away with proven, actionable steps that can provide you with the confidence, skills, and hope to create the reality you want.



I offer a free, thirty-minute initial discovery call to see if we’re a good fit. There’s absolutely no obligation. 


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