• Why work with a parent coach?

    Most parents seek a parent coach to feel less anxious and more empowered. They want to be more confident in their parenting and learn different ways to address the challenges they are facing with their children. A parent coach can help you understand your unique parenting style and strengths and how to leverage them to create a strong family unit. Furthermore, a coach offers resources and strategies that help you manage your current reality, learn better self-care, and consider your core values.

  • What kinds of issues/topics can be addressed in parent coaching?

    ● Toddlers and tantrums/dysregulation● Technology limits and guidelines● School issues ● Sibling dynamics ● Being a new parent/bringing home baby ● Self-care/stress reduction● Resilience● Parental guilt ● Co-parenting difficulties ● Limit setting/discipline ● Communication/listening ● Academic transitions ● Overall child development

  • What can I expect to take away from our sessions? 

    • Identification of your parenting strengths and those of your support system — and strategies for optimizing them.
    • Concrete skills, tools, and resources to improve your family’s communication and collaboration so everyone feels seen, heard and recognized as vital family members.  
    • Comprehensive email summaries of our coaching sessions to help you track your progress and reflect on your journey.

  • Will you be meeting with me and my children?

    As a parent coach, I only meet with the parents. I trust you. I trust that you can accurately share your concerns and that we can partner effectively to address them. Our sessions are a space reserved just for you to learn effective strategies to help you face any parenting challenge you are experiencing.

  • Do both parents have to participate?

    I do not require that both/all parents participate. I’m happy to work with anyone in the role of a parent who would like to be involved.

  • Are sessions in person?

    I offer both phone and Zoom sessions during morning hours, evenings, and Sundays to accommodate your schedule. Self-selected group sessions may be in person. I don’t need to visit your home and meet your kids. I trust you. 

  • What type of parent coaching sessions do you offer? 

    One-on-One Coaching – Individual coaching is a good fit if you’re eager to identify your own parenting style/strengths and work on your current parenting challenges. Schedule your FREE 30-minute intro call.
    Group Coaching – Group coaching is great for parents facing similar challenges with like-aged children. This approach allows for members to learn from each other and can be a cost-effective option for self-selected groups.

  • How do I get started?

    The best next step to take is to schedule a FREE 30-minute intro call

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